Energy Efficient Home Heating Systems

Saving Heating Costs

For a variety of reasons, householders are increasingly interested in heating their homes in the most fuel efficient way. This may be due to the current difficult financial climate, where people are concerned about the future and so are seeking to minimise outgoings. Another factor is the ever increasing price of energy – via oil, gas or coal prices. If we are able to save money on heating costs by reducing the amount we waste, there is even a feel good factor there – pity we can’t convert that…!

Reducing Carbon Footprint – Reducing Energy Generation & C02 Emissions

Reducing Carbon Footprint – Reducing Energy Generation & C02 EmissionsIn addition to the simple financial reasons for improving energy efficiency and reducing heating costs, there are the environmental considerations. At the highest levels of government word wide there is agreement on the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels in heating and other applications. This trickles down to specific initiatives at the consumer level. Thus there are grants available to encourage home owners to adopt sustainable heating systems such as solar panels and heat pumps. See Heat Pumps page for more detail.

For details of an outstanding new highly efficient home heating system see Ecodan page

Home Information Packs – Energy Performance Certificates

Home Information Packs – Energy Performance CertificatesOne of the effects of the Energy Performance Certificate, within the Home Information Packs, has been to focus attention on the energy efficiency of our homes. This in turn will influence the value and saleability of our homes.

So, whether the initiative is driven by domestic budgets, concern for the environment, or the value of our homes, improving the energy efficiency of our home heating systems is now a hot topic.

There are several options to help improve the efficiency of our heating systems. These include:

In addition to these investments in efficient heating systems, there is a range of other actions that can also be taken:

  • Power flushing of the heating system can increase the life of the system and bring its efficiency level back to its design capability.
  • Programmable room thermostats controlProgrammable room thermostats control the heating time and temperature throughout the home.
  • Weather compensation controls. These units sense the external air  temperature and adjust the central heating boiler output to reflect the weather conditions.


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