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There are so many things to consider when looking for a new home, after all this decision will affect the future happiness of you and your family, so it pays to make wise choices. Even then there is a high probability that many compromises will have to be made.

You could love the building, but not the neighbourhood, or desire to live in a particular area where there are no suitable houses available. You may find the ideal property in the perfect location, at an excellent price, then learn that the surrounding land is prone to flooding, there is a motorway at the end of the garden, there is no garden, or some other problem. Even if there are no major issues, there may still be disappointments such as one of the bedrooms or the kitchen is tiny, the positioning means no sunshine where you most want it etc.

So you have finally found your dream home, the area is spot on, the price is right, what could possibly go wrong? Then, for one reason or another the sale falls through! Is it any wonder that moving home is generally recognised as one of the most stressful processes you will ever embark upon.

Self Build Projects for a Bespoke Property Solution, Government Incentives

There is an increasing tide of opinion which asserts that building your own home is the way to proceed these days. This is a relatively unexplored area of the property market within the UK, which has however experienced a surge of interest in recent years.

The UK government has added its voice to the self build chorus, by facilitating a number of incentives aimed at encouraging the practice. Measures such as the 44million made available to assist prospective self builders and communities wishing to implement self build projects.

Self builders are also now exempt from the Community Infrastructure Levy [CIL], this charge was responsible for discouraging 1 in 8 potential self builders from starting or continuing their projects according to a 2012 survey.

It is hoped that these positive actions will bring the UK in line with other European countries who have a more advanced self build system. Austria for instance have over 80% of self build properties and Germany and Belgium have more than 50%. There are numerous organisations and websites springing up everywhere, geared towards advising and guiding people who are toying with the idea of building their own home.

Tailored Living Green Spaces, Low Carbon Footprint with Air Source Heat Pumps

Tailored Living Green Spaces, Low Carbon Footprint with Air Source Heat Pumps

A major aspect which appeals to self builders is the ability to design a bespoke home, with all of the specifications and additions they and their families could wish for. There are companies who will project manage your self build, alternatively you can opt to have control over the planning and construction, or somewhere in between. One of the biggest benefits for self builders is being able to incorporate innovative, energy efficient products, for an environmentally friendly and cost saving approach.

Designers and engineers have been stimulated by the rising popularity of self build, and have created exciting new types of living space, such as the 10 foot tall, low energy microhome developed by Dr Mike Page at the University of Hertfordshire. These ingeniously designed modern homes can comfortably accommodate one or two people, providing a unique, low-carbon living experience. The QB2 is an example of one of these marvels of engineering, and is somewhat tardis like, managing to fit a fully functional kitchen, bathroom, dining/sitting room, sleeping area with double bed and ample storage, into a 3m x 3m x 3m space.

Eco-friendly technologies form the fundamental make up of these homes, like the Ecodan 5kW air source heat pump [ASHP] developed by Mitsubishi. This product can provide heat and hot water for any size of property from microhomes to palatial houses, saving many pounds per year for homeowners.

Innovative, Eco-Friendly Buildings, Lightweight, Flatpack Self Build Home

Innovative, Eco-Friendly Buildings, Lightweight, Flatpack Self Build Home

Another ground breaking idea intended to be utilised by self builders, comes from Cardiff based architect, Ed Green. The BARNHAUS, which won a national self build competition, comes in the form of a flatpack! Spacious and well insulated, the 2 or 3 bedroom home comprises a steel frame which negates the need for expensive site works and foundations, as it sits lightly on the ground. A lightweight steel and timber first floor is added, insulation applied and windows and doors installed.

The BARNHAUS, won first place in the 'Self Build on a Shoestring' competition, backed by TV presenter Kevin McCloud. The challenge was for entrants to invent a self build home which was sustainable, innovative and good looking for less than 50,000. It is claimed that a self built home is worth up to 30% more than it costs to build, so we are likely to see more self build properties as their feasibility is recognised.

Energy Efficient, Sustainable Living Solutions, Moving Home, Self Build Projects for a Bespoke Property Solution. Government Incentives, Tailored Living Green Spaces, Low Carbon Footprint with Air Source Heat Pumps. Innovative, Eco-Friendly Buildings, Microhomes, Lightweight, Flatpack Self Build Home.

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