Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

Energy efficient hot water and heating systems have taken another step forward with the development of the next generation of thermodynamic hot water systems.

Thermodynamic hot water systems convert the latent energy in ambient air temperatures into usable heat energy through the use of heat exchange technology. Thermodynamic technology can be used to supply hot water or to run central heating systems. They provide constant hot water, day and night, throughout the year.

Thermodynamics – More Efficient Than Solar Power

Because thermodynamic hot water systems are not dependent on sunlight they will continue to work whatever the weather – right down to minus 15C. This guarantees hot water every day; summer, spring, autumn and winter.

Unlike solar panels, thermodynamic panels do not need to be positioned with a south facing aspect. Thermodynamic panels, such as those provided by Essex-based Magic Thermodynamic Box Company, weigh less that 7Kg and can be placed horizontally or vertically, on a wall or on a roof.

Thermodynamic panels heat water to 55C with a thermal coefficient of between 2 and 5. This means that they produce between 2 times and 5 times as much energy as they use, reducing heating bills and having a positive effect on the environment.

Thermodynamic Technology

Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

Thermodynamic hot water systems work using heat exchange principles. A liquid refrigerant is introduced to a closed system.
As it reaches the thermodynamic panel it is warmed by the ambient air temperature, turning the liquid refrigerant into a gas. This gas is pumped around the system where it is compressed, increasing gas pressure and raising the temperature. At the
same time, colder water from a water cylinder is pumped through the heat exchange unit. The colder water is heated by the hotter compressed gas. The hot water is pumped back to the water cylinder while the cooling gas condenses back into a liquid. The refrigerant liquid returns to the thermodynamic panel and the cycle continues until the required temperature is reached.

Because thermodynamic heat systems use refrigerant gases and liquids they must be installed by an F-Gas registered engineer.

Retro-Fit & Replacement Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

Thermodynamic hot water systems can be added to an existing hot water system or can be supplied with a replacement cylinder. Manufacturers such as Magic Thermodynamic Box supply both systems and replacement cylinders are available in 100, 200, 300 and 500 litre units.

Retro-fitting a renewable energy product to an existing cylinder system is normally the most cost effective option. In this case a thermodynamic panel and a compression/condensing unit is connected to the existing hot water cylinder.

Retro-fit and replacement thermodynamic hot water systems are often fitted when installing new or replacement bathrooms and kitchens.

Sufficient Hot Water for All Needs

Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

Heat exchange thermodynamic hot water systems produce enough hot water for a typical family of 4 or 5 people. Because the thermodynamic exchange takes place throughout the day and night, water is constantly heated providing as much hot water in the morning as in the evening.

Adding a second thermodynamic panel would not produce any more hot water but it would replace used hot water more quickly.

Thermodynamic hot water systems are available for commercial and industrial use and for public buildings. The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company has now produced a 'Big Magic Box' designed to constantly warm enough water for a swimming pool.

Maintenance Free Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

Once correctly installed, most thermodynamic hot water systems are virtually maintenance free. Thermodynamic heat exchange systems are usually sealed systems and use non-corrosive refrigerant gases. Depending upon the model some can use expansion tanks, header tanks and overflow plumbing. Installation should always be carried out by a registered heating engineer.

Some thermodynamic hot water systems include electric immersion heaters. These are usually pre-programmed and used as safety features to periodically raise the water temperature sufficient to kill off water-borne viruses.

Installation of Heating Systems

Renewable energy systems such as thermodynamic hot water systems are set to play a vital role in cutting heating bills as well as making an important contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

Further information on home insulation and environmentally friendly building practices is available from all good builders, such as Multi Building Services Ltd.

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