Biomass Boiler

Boimass Boilers – High Efficiency Home Heating

Selecting the best energy source to heat your home and hot water is now an important decision for many home owners and home builders. Oil and electricity are the most convenient forms of energy but if you are considering the environment and cost, biomass boilers are now an excellent choice. Many local authorities now specify biomass boilers as the preferred heating equipment and the Code for Sustainable Homes guidelines also favour biomass boilers as an alternative energy source.

Biomass Boilers – New technology, Big Savings

Early generation biomass boilers were designed for business or large houses. The new breed of biomass boiler has scaled this technology down to make biomass boilers highly attractive for domestic heating.
According to the Energy Saving Trust, a biomass boiler could save you £470 per year on your home heating bill.

Biomass Boilers – The Ecological Choice

Biomass boilers burn wood pellets, wood chip, cereals or a combination of these. They produce heat for hot water and central heating without using fossil fuels. Ecologically, they have several benefits, including:-

Carbon neutrality: although burning wood releases CO2, it is the same amount as was absorbed while the wood was growing. If a new tree is planted for each one burned, there are no net carbon emissions.

A good use for waste wood: burning wood can be a convenient means of disposing of waste that might otherwise be sent to a landfill site.

There are two main ways of using wood to heat you home:

A standalone stove burning logs or pellets to heat a single room. Some can also be fitted with a back boiler to provide water heating as well.

A boiler burning pellets, logs or chips connected to a central heating and hot water system.

Biomass Boilers Help With Energy Saving Targets

Biomass boilers are now a very popular choice for local councils and architects as they strive to achieve the renewable energy targets for construction. Biomass boilers are quick and easy to install and operate. Most biomass boilers can be connected to an existing central heating system. Solar heating panels can be connected into the same heating system, tripping in when they are generating energy.

Biomass Boiler Cleaning

The simplicity of cleaning of a biomass boiler another factor in its favour. Biomass boilers are very efficient heat producers, producing a low level of ash, around 2% of the fuel used. The boiler should be checked for ash twice a month and the ash can be spread on your plants as a fertilizer! Self cleaning biomass boilers are available on the market, where the ash is emptied every 2 months.

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