Heat Pump Boilers – Technological Innovation

Manufacturers are being encouraged to develop the technology of air conditioning systems at a fast pace to reduce heating & cooling costs and to save energy consumption, thus reducing C02 emissions, in line with greenhouse gas reduction policies.

Heat Pump Boilers

Heat Pumps have been known for some time to provide highly efficient cooling. Air-conditioning specialist, Mitsubishi Electric, has now designed a heat pump boiler which provides hot water suitable for under floor heating.

An air conditioning system that extracts heat from space will normally achieve an energy efficiency of up to 4.0 COP, however, by utilising a heat pump boiler this heat is recovered and used to heat up water, increasing the COP to over 6.0. A heat pump boiler’s efficiency is particularly recognised in spring and autumn, when different rooms may need to be heated and cooled from the air conditioning system at the same time.

Benefits of Heat Pump Boilers

  • Reductions in running costs
  • Reductions in C02 emissions
  • Permanent heat recovery all year round
  • Improved carbon footprint
  • Easier to get planning permission under Part L2 legislation
  • Reduced capital cost

Heat Pump Boilers - Capital Cost Reductions

As there is no requirement for a gas supply and gas boiler capital cost is reduced. The heat pump will heat the water to 45 degrees and the boost to take it to 60 degrees can be provided by electric means.

Ground-source heat pumps use the thermal energy of the ground or groundwater to provide a heating or cooling source for a home. There are three basic types:

  • closed loop
  • open loop
  • direct expansion

Air–source heat pumps are about 6% more efficient for heating and about 8% more efficient for cooling than standard models

The air conditioning equipment supplier Daikin also offers heat pump boiler systems for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. A heat pump boiler is included in the eco-heating scheme of the house in this illustration.


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