New Generation Water Heating – Huge Cost & Carbon Emissions Reduction

Mitsubishi Electric has trialled their unique new PWFY water heating system with fantastic results in terms of cost and carbon footprint reduction. In trials it produced far less CO2 emissions than traditional water heaters. The trial showed savings of over 70% in terms of running costs and carbon emissions.

Cheaper Water Heating than a Gas Condensing Boiler

The trial unit uses excess heat recovered from a VRF air conditioning system and saves over 70% of the water heating costs than the previous system. It also costs half as much as a modern gas condensing boiler system.
The PWFY water heating system has been on trial, producing hot water for the Mitsubishi UK HQ kitchen, providing all of the hot water required for the busy kitchen. The building accommodates approximately 300 staff and on-site restaurant that can seat 100 people.
“The restaurant is very popular with employees so the kitchen staff are constantly busy preparing and serving meals from early morning until mid-afternoon,” explained Philip Ord, Product Marketing Manager. “The kitchen area therefore needs constant cooling during these times and a good supply of hot water for all of the washing up and cooking needs. However you look at it, this is a busy kitchen needing a regular supply of hot water and the PWFY has surpassed expectations and delivered measurable reductions in cost,” added Ord.
The restaurant previously used an air conditioning system for cooling and a commercial gas boiler to provide the kitchen’s supply of hot water.

PWFY & Air Conditioning – Big Saving on C02 Emissions & Water Heating Cost

The trials show that the PWFY and the new air conditioning system that it runs alongside, would average out at annual running costs of around £517, producing 2,222kg of CO2.   The previous system is estimated to have cost £2,367 to run on an annual basis at today’s prices and would produce 10,176kg of CO2 in a year.

Cheaper than a Gas Boiler for Water Heating & Half the C02 Emissions

When compared to a modern gas boiler for water heating and a split system air conditioner for cooling, the annual running cost of the total system would be approximately £1,100 and would produce around 5T of CO2.  Using the PWFY water heating system instead of the modern equivalent gives a 54% reduction in annual running costs, plus a 56% reduction in the annual CO2 emissions.

Water Heating Efficiency For Commercial Buildings

This trail indicates that the PWFY is a highly efficient way of providing a hot water supply to commercial buildings. The benefits increase when a heat recovery VRF air conditioning system is used.

For further details on this highly efficient water heating trial system visit

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